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SpendEdge releases e-commerce category of its Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Global procurement market intelligence firm SpendEdge has released its Global E-Commerce Logistics Category of its Procurement Market Intelligence Report.

According to SpendEdge, “the growing popularity of the e-commerce industry has spurred the rise in intra-regional and cross-border trade which is supported by the prevalence of favourable e-commerce trade policies across the globe”.

The improving purchasing power is, according to the report, giving freedom to the working-age population to exhibit a significant incremental spend on e-commerce websites, which consequently, is accelerating spend momentum of the e-commerce logistics market. 

This e-commerce logistics market intelligence report offers a comprehensive analysis of the primary cost drivers and its subsequent impact on the overall pricing. Current supply market forecasts and the spend opportunities for the suppliers are also outlined and the category spend is analysed from the perspective of both buyers and the suppliers.

SpendEdge procurement expert Anil Seth said: “Buyer’s service requirements vary based on their geographic location. This makes it essential for them to select suppliers based on their capability to provide customised services.”

Read the Free Sample Copy of this e-commerce logistics procurement research report here!

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